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Inland Halong Bay day of Marilla and Luke

Ninh Binh day


Marilla saw scenic photos of Halong bay inland so she decided to see this spot on Sunday.
Sampan boat trip was the highlight. Just one word could describe this nature as Marilla said “too beautiful”. They were so excited to observe all daily life activities going on along this peaceful river: women rowing boats by feet, girls washing clothes, boys swimming, men bathing, harvesting shrimp and fish by traps and fishing net…

One of the best photos taken was this local men with a white beard like Confucius. He wore an army hat and rowed along the river just to see his relatives.

On the way we talked a lot about local food, street food of Hanoi and I figured out they love eating escago. To surprise them, I asked the owner of the local restaurant prepared a plate. They said wow when they saw that plate for the size of this native escago” enormous”, yes, and “wow”again when they tasted it,” so tasty so yummy”. The seasoned escago was steamed with lemon grass and served with beautiful fish sauce. This simple dish really blew them away.

I found this banana tree in the back yard. The farmer said that, it’s a bonsai banana, not a regular one. It has a few hundred bunches. From the time it blossoms until the last real banana born, it takes six months. We ended the meal by three tiny banana, they were delicious.




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