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Hi, we are Ha and Thao, natives of Hanoi and Da Nang, we are food guys in Hanoi.
In 2004 most of friends stayed in China Beach for desk jobs in The Nam Hai, Furama resorts, we chose to work for travel agents to explore Red river hilltribes. Trips really takes our breath away, we love Vespa journeys and local cuisines. 
Hanoi is not only proud of history but it also gathers neighborhood eateries from North and South , an Irish playwright once said:“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. There is no better place to be entertained than one of classic, funky family-run noodle shops you find in Hanoi backstreets. The most delicious places to find Vietnamese Pho Bo Beef Noodles are single-dish food stalls of Diem and Nam families from West and South of Hanoi, run mostly by women, offer finely crafted dish passed from parents to children for generations. It’s great to taste Fish Hot Pot in family of Lady Bang, her food pop-up is where you find people with up-close interacts. This tour will delight your palate to delicious Bun Cha wonder from Huong Dung family in a village North West of city. We will take you to Xoi steamed sticky rice from South East.

Join us, feel fresh air in your hair, walk and transform your day into “would never expect” discovery.

Here is perfect introduction to Vietnam best cuisines:



Beef Noodle Pho Bo: mild salty delicious beef broth, a sprinkling of green onion, coriander, fresh rice noodles. Locals started to cook Pho Bo in 1903, two representatives of tasty broth are families Diem and Nam from West and South of Hanoi.











Chicken noodle Bun Thang: is prepared with two dozens of fresh ingredients such as mushroom, basil, boiled chicken, chicken egg slices and shrimp-base broth, Lady Duc is known by one-of-a-kind recipe, unique and different among noodles from North of Vietnam.














Crab noodle Banh Da Cua: crab meat, tender slices of beef mingle with crunchy peanuts, bean sprouts, flavored with fresh herbs, crisp dried shallots, fish sauce and chili pepper, noodle comes sans broth, keeping various textures intact and ingredients from becoming sodden, phenomenon of North East cuisine, widely popular in Hanoi.









Cha-ca-la-vong 2

Fish hot pot with noodle Cha Ca: Vietnam is changing, something important remains the same. Mouth-watering fried fish, great shrimp paste, peanuts, lime, delicious dill flavor. Cha Ca is one of top ten food choices in Vietnam and listed in the book “ 1000 places to see before you die” by Patricia Schultz.




Steamed sticky rice Xoi: is more a meal itself. Xoi comes with number of toppings, you pick sticky corn base, then select pate, chickens, omelette, pork shred, cinnamon flavor sausage, stew pork, extra green bean shreds go on top, crunchy fried shallot. After first bite you would understand why locals vote for it in the last 10 years.
Vietnam baguette Banh Mi: The French brought the baguette and Vietnam takes it to a different level. Banh mi is stuffed with colorful pickled fresh vegetables, cilantro, carrot, cucumber, spring onion, cold cut sausage, fried egg and fiery chilli paste. Somewhere people stick to the basic elements: fat, protein, bread and pate. 
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Vespa: symbol of the elegance

24.000 km, you shouldn’t think that Vespa reached this speed! Actually, it is the journey Giorgio Bettinelli- Italian writer cum journalist experienced during his trip to 9 countries. He started in Roma and arrived in Saigon by Vespa. After interesting trip had been finished, this crazy fan of Vespa religion published the book “Vespa Journey: From Roma to Saigon”. Not only Giorgio Bettinelli but also other owners take pride in it. Moreover, this steed is a symbol of Italian elegance.
Every famous brand hides its brand story. And Vespa – a kind of motorcycle with low saddle and scooter isn’t exception. Piaggio was founded in 1884 in Genoa, Italy by Rinaldo Piaggio. Its first name was Societa Anonima Piaggio.
Certainly, they didn’t think about producing Vespa in nineteenth century. At that time, they were developing products for wood manufacturing industry. Then they stopped to do business in railway industry as well as produce cars and boats. Piaggio manufactured aircraft parts in the First World War and a Piaggio airplane was born in 1915.
Rinaldo Piaggio passed away in 1938. Enrico Piaggio and Armando Piaggio – two his sons were inherited. Their factory continued producing airplanes for fascist groups. Certainly, the factory became an attacking objective of allied groups. 10,000 workers were unemployed in the final period of the Second War World as the factory was destroyed totally. Moreover, according to peace agreement, Piaggio were prohibited from producing airplanes. Therefore, they shifted their production unless they would bankruptcy.
To the earth
Italian people’s life was very difficult after the world, especially travelling. The cars were extremely expensive, even if it was enough money to buy them, local people didn’t afford buying petrol to drive it. A large majority of people travelled by bicycles. Holding traffic degree, Enrico found demand for travelling and shifted his production. Piaggio launched the first scooter named Paparino. This name means “a duck” as the rear motorbike is identical to duck’s tail. However, Enrico wasn’t satisfied with this scooter and continued researching his designs.
Enrico convened D’ Ascanio who was a chief engineer designing airplane to find a new way. He made a bold decision which made everyone surprising. He applied advanced applications of designing airplane into motorbike. When D’ Ascanio brought it to Enrico, he shouted: “Sembra una vespa” (It was identical to a bee). Thence, its name has been Vespa which has its appearance like a bee with elegant curves and its sound is familiar with wing beating sound of bee. It was born in 1946, which marked a splendor history period of Piaggio’s family.
Vespa is seen as a part of designing history, revolutionary concept let human become center of creativity, which created a product regarded as one of the tops in designing industry. Vespa was selected to be one of the twelve products making history. Unisex design of Vespa is very ingenious, men wearing vest and women wearing skirt who drive Vespa are elegant as well as beautiful. It not only becomes forever image in famous “La Dolce Vita” film of Fellini which Beatles band love but also has a lot of influence on culture and society.
Vespa is famous for intelligent design, convenience, elegance, which makes women wearing skirt drive it and it is easy to use its kickstand. People can’t forget Ann Prince – a role in “Roman holiday” acted by Audrey Hepburn driving Vespa to go around streets in Italy. This is also one of the reasons contributing to Vespa advertised around the world as an elegant symbol. Vespa shows generously free living style, Vespa has become a pride of Italy.
Vietnamese welcomed Vespa soon. These first motorbikes were brought to Vietnam by French people since 1954 and used by the rich. Vietnamese love Vespa as it has luxurious beauty, elegant design and its culture is familiar with local people. Italian home (Casa Italia) in Hanoi is a typical example for passion of fans loving antique Vespa such as ACMA 1954, ANO 1960, 1957. People who come to this house will be attracted by real Italian culture including Vespa’s images throughout the years – the Italian beauty in capital of Vietnam.
Towards bustling Ho Chi Minh City, local people usually choose Vespa with view of Duc Ba Church to have excellent wedding album which are modern, ancient as well as chic. In recent years, in Vietnam, Vespa clubs have attracted a large number of members. They has held events to share knowledge and cultural understanding relating to old motorbikes whose engine is difficult to use but they still keep elegance and free style.





Italian people love pizza while Vietnamese are fans of Vietnamese burgers. Vietnamese mention Pizza immediately when talking about Italian food. Pizza has become a food symbol as well as a pride of Italy for a long time.
Pizza ItalyPizza ItalySandwiches VietnamSandwiches Vietnam

If you have chance to visit a country lying on sunny & windy coast of Mediterranean with its shape identical to a shoe, you should make friends with a local person and ask him what their top-of-mind prides are. Surely, you will find an interesting answer that are ancient culture as well as architecture built in Roman Empire, beautiful girls and the most famous pizza on the world. If you live in Vietnam or in any other country, the sequence of the answers will be fashion, football and pizza.

History related to pizza’s origin is mentioned by different views. Some documents indicate that this symbolic cake appeared for the first time in the Greek but almost of which explain its 1000 year origin. Pizza was done and became popular in Napoli – the biggest and richest city in the South of Italy. Pizza is a perfect combination between smooth layer of cake and thin baked – handed crust, all of them deliciously crispy bake layer.

In 1889, Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni – Empress of King Umberto I (Italy) visited Napoli, Raffaele Esposito – Pub Owner prepared a special food to welcome Queen. He made a pizza with layer kneaded from flour, cake surface covered by tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil. All of them make three colors red, white and green which symbolize for color of Italian flag. Raffaele called this cake Margherita, this cake opened for period of pizza in the modern life. Since then, Italian people have thought about various cake-fillings to make pizza having tastes and unique shapes of every region.

A pizza meeting requirements have crispy crust. Depending on your own taste or favorite, you can choose pizza with thin crust or thick crust. Those people who like to enjoy less cake-filling and less cheese choose thick crust. People who are gourmets will choose pizza with thin crust and more cheese as well as cake-filling to help pizza mingle with cake-filling in order to create an unforgettable taste.

Cheese plays an important role in creating taste of pizza although it is a bridge between cake and cake filling. In Italy, cheese is used to make a lot of fussy foods, especially, Risotto (Italian rice). And cheese becomes a typical industry in Italy with more than different 400 kinds. However, mozzarella is the first choice to make pizza. Under high heat of wood stove, because of high moisture, mozzarella will be easy to melt and blend into other ingredients to make a pizza with a smoothly yellow layer and a layer of smooth tomato sauce. It is also sprinkled aromatic leaves.

The thing that makes pizza become a special food is cake filling covering it. We can put anything on cake’s surface to make pizzas having different taste. You like cake filling including shredded chicken or seafood or vegetable, beef, egg… Now, pizza becomes a popular food and it is also loved around the world. New York, Sao Paulo are two big cities having the largest consumption with more than 30 million pieces every month.

If Italian people are proud of their pizza, Vietnamese people also take pride in burger. Vietnamese burger is a kind of loaf made by regular wheat (rice flour can be used). The cake is usually baked to become hot and crispy before being made an incision along its body and put cake filling in it. Cake filling is very various. You can put omelet, pork, sardines, pate into it… This depends on your favorite. Meat cake –filling is often accompanied by a little vegetable, cucumber, cilantro, onions, a little chili sauce. All of them increase flavor for bread.

Burger is a very popular food. It is used to replace breakfast or it is also seen as a fast food in different time in a day of Vietnamese people. This is also a street food with smile on sale man’s lip and foreign travelers love it very much. This is proven by the book “Lonely Planet’s The World’s Best Street Food” of England writer – Richard Johnson. According to his book, Vietnamese burger is one of the most delicious street foods on the world. Travelers visiting Vietnam can enjoy traditional burger easily. However, it is familiar with pizza, Vietnamese burger will have flavors and various cake fillings which depend on taste of each region. For example, you have a chance to enjoy burger including minced beef blended with raw vegetables, a thin layer of shrimp sauce and mayonnaise instead of cold cuts in Ho Chi Minh City, soy sauce when you arrive in Hanoi. Therefore, Italian people love pizza, as Vietnamese people are crazy about burger.

World fashion capital

Milan (or Milano in Italian language) is the second-largest city of Italy, located in Lombardy province and one of the most developed cities in Europe. Milano is also the location of headquarters of Italian stock exchange and Alfa Romeo group famous for silk product. Currently, Milan is one of four famous fashion cities worldwide, together with Paris, London and New York.

Milan is not only strongly developed but also most known for design and fashion in the world. Indeed, the word “milliner – designer” in the English language derives from this city. Milan “world fashion capital” is closely associated with famous brand-names such as Armani – specialized in designing types of suits; Gucci – famous for leather shoes, purses and handbags; Benetton – specialized in knits and Roberto Cavalli, Dolce &Gabbana, Prada, Valentino, Versace, etc. This city is also place where International Trade Fair was held in1906 and is candidate with right to host the Global Fair in 2015.

The international fashion held twice a year in Milan city has attracted lots of designers, supermodels and photographers all over the world. Milan fashion week started in 1958 and was held twice a year in autumn – Summer time (February or March) and Autumn – Winter fashion week (September or October).

If visiting Milan at this time, you will see all streets filled up with fashion. Just by stepping out the streets, you will continuously meet famous designers, supermodels and fashionista. Milan is naturally very nice, eventful and up-to-date in workdays but in fashion weeks, it is more beautiful but it is in the streets. If you watch shows introducing new collection of reputable brand-names, everything is more surprised. Each “Milano Fashion show” is compared with one work of art including meticulous parts from clothes, accessories to arrangement, sound, light throughout each theme. Milan significantly contributes to fashion industry in Italy together with Rome and Florence. Most of world famous fashion firms operate in Milan.

Shopping paradise

It is the reason tourist all over the world call Milan “shopping paradise” with world most prestige markets, commercial centers, display fair and showrooms. The main trade center in Milan is Fashion Quadrangle in the middle of Duomo Square, Cavour, and Sanbabila full of branded products including Versace, Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Cavalli, etc. These products are perfect and meticulous in details.

Apart from fashion, tourists may also freely contemplate and buy other things such as books, flowers, wine, chocolate or electronic products. In case of limited finance, you can drop in Via Martinetti 6 store from Tuesday to Saturday to buy high-grade shoes with sale off 75% or affordable clothes at Via Ciovassino shop. Fiera di Senigallia market of Milan is opened up on every Sunday with both new and “second-hand” goods. The tourists can buy old clothes and fragrance, modern art simulating shaded lamp, aroma candles, books, video tapes, recorders, DVD, etc. In particular, Milan has MercatonedelNaviglio Grande market which is opened up on final Sunday of every month with antiquities.

Referring to Milan fashion capital, people will immediately think about elegant, street-wise and sexy fashion models which are embodiment of style and sophistication. People here are elegant and attractive through not only clothes or handbags they wear; the fashion industry in Milan is a perfect combination of tiny details. The carefulness in each needle-work, pattern and fold makes beautiful and modern clothes. Therefore, it is said that “Come to Milan to know what the world wear tomorrow”. This is pride of the Italians when talking about landmark of world fashion kingdom.

Shopping in Vietnam is also diversified and plentiful as that in Milan with a series of trade centers and hotels. If high-rank trade centers in other countries in the world conquer visitors with luxurious and ranked goods meeting every requirements of fashion, technology, entertainment, cuisine, etc…, in Ho Chi Minh City, people can catch that trend and experience differences in Vincom Center, Diamond Plaza. Furthermore, a number of small fashion markets and centers with specific fashion product from glasses, bags to clothes, shoes and jewelries satisfy demands of different consumers. With a strong development, SaiGon – an attraction for stylish residents – will make you be overwhelmed with international brand-names.


Embodiment of the “warriors”

Rome was constructed in the mid-18th century BC, turned 2,800 years-old and honored as an “Eternal City” by mankind. This is the confluence of Aniene River and Tiber River. The population is about 2.5 million people but if surrounding urban areas are also added, the figure will be 3.8 million.

Due to its nature and an important part in forming human civilization, Rome is informally called “the city of seven hills or the city of museums”. The reason Rome has this name is that it was built on seven hills adjoining each other and one special thing is when tourists come here, they will feel like standing in a grant museum with ancient architectural works such as squares, churches, statues and arenas. Anyone who is “fan” of series of epic films “Spartacus Warrior” surely remembers the image of thing called “Roman arena”.

Visiting Rome, visitors will witness with their own eyes great artworks. You sometimes feel like wandering into a grant museum when you are sitting in the middle of Rome City. If vehicles are absent on roads and modern consumer products are not displayed and sold in shop windows, visitors will think that they are living in Ancient time instead of the 21th century, in a modern country.

An un-ignorable attraction in Rome is Colosseum Arena (Roman Arena) – one of seven world wonders and international symbol of Rome. Located between Esquiline and Caelian hills, Colosseum is the first fixed arena built in Rome. This work originated from idea of Vespasian Emperor and was commenced in Titus time in the year 80 DC and completed under Domitian Empire.

The arena was the place where gladiators tried to outdo each other in skill as well as performed in public. It has the first arc-shaped stand built in Rome with capacity of 50,000 viewers and 80 doors with which crowds can get in and out quickly. It has the shape of arc and area of about 6 acres, or 2.4 hectares. This is the largest work built under Roman Empire and is one of the most beautiful architectures remained. You seem to overwhelme with spectacular scenery here. Cages of dangerous animals, mysterious nooks and crannies and rows of seats seem to remain excited shout of people who like strong feeling at that time.

Museum of mankind

Not only being reminded of image of Roman warriors in arriving at Rome, tourists can also visit Venezia Square which is the largest square built in 1455. The houses where famous people used to live in Rome are still remained now. Important rites such as Italy president swore to take office, welcomed heads of states are held in Venezia Square. The Italians call Venezia Square “National forum” as it is the symbol of independent and unified Italy.

Besides, Rome also has the Spanish Square which is still called “Central square of Rome tourism” in familiar manner and always attracts visitors the most. Some people come here to express emotion with their lovers; others wander and play a solo for an incomplete love. In this place, the pink house is the memorable house of two English famous poets John Keats and Percy Byssche Shelley.

The image of Italy makes a strong impression on tourists with display museums in which masterpieces of famous painters and sculptor such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Boticel are kept. But, it is most remarkable to refer to famous Vatican museum which is located in Viale Vaticano – Rome is one of the world biggest museums. This great architecture is the valuable asset of Rome capital and Vatican. This museum displays many valuable works of art from big collections gathered by The Roman Catholic Church for many centuries. The whole museum includes 12 galleries and 05 corridors keeping and displaying masterpieces of two famous painters Raphael, Michelangelo and collection of Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilization. Vatican museum is the place attracting the largest number of visitors to beautiful Rome.

It is clear that architecture is a mysterious feature any visitor who is curious wants to discover Rome. Accordingly, the middle of large squares and museums is designed in the shape of circle with many straight lines gathering at a same point. It is a strong evidence of logical philosophy “all Italian roads lead to Rome, all Rome’s roads lead to Vatican and all Vatican’s roads lead to Sistine”.

Each museum is “footage” to keep historical moments of each peoples and nation. Talking about museum, all Vietnamese people feel familiar. Most Vietnamese people are interested in visiting museums to learn about history of the country. In Ho Chi Minh alone, there are 07 large and small museums with different themes: museum of war evidence, Ho Chi Minh museum, Ton Duc Thang museum, museum of the Ho Chi Minh campaign, museum of South Vietnam women, Vietnam National Museum of History, South East Armed Forces Museum, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. Each museum keep objects reflecting culture, history of national construction and defense of Vietnamese peoples from the beginning of enlightenment until establishment of Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The museums are designed in accordance with East Asia architecture that attracts both foreign and domestic visitors.